One Year Full Support

One Year Full Support

Dongle protection

Integrated database

Different windows application layouts (create your own application look)

Multi-format playout

Realtime aspect ratio conversion

Playlist Automation

Fixed Playlist Items

Loop, Random and Shuffle Playlist

Split and Trim Playlist items

Split and Trim Ongoing  Item

Stop Commands in Playlist

Logo change command in Playlist

Volume change command in Playlist

Preview Window with trimming option (send directly On Air)

All option on playlist right mouse click

Randomize selected playlist items or entire playlist

Media Asset Manager

(register Files, Live Events and URLs)

Fast adding items to playlist (drag/drop or keyboard cursor keys)

Frame Accurate In / Out Trimming

File Breaks and Segment Playlist Insertion

Scale and Interlace

Play While Record

Logo, Subtitles and Automatic Music Titles

PNG Sequences in Graphics Templates


Live Input (SDI, UDP, RTMP, HTTP, SRT...)

Blackmagic Design and AJA Hardware Output

UDP, RTMP(S), MPEG-TS Streaming

Direct Show Output, HDMI Output

As Run Log with Automatic Backup

Emergency options with E-mail notifications

CG Editor with animation timeline

Create CG for different resolution (change resolution in CG options)

Web Remote application

Control your playout from any device

Scheduling Application

Custom playlist items (create your own controls)

On Air Buttons (create custom actions)

Item and Playlist Transition

Extended Info for Files and Urls

Default filler, gap fillers and missing file fillers with shuffle option



Favorite lists

CG Start Stop commands in Playlist

File Cuts with playlist insertion

Audio Compressor and Dynamics Amplify

Color Correction

Program Title CG

Parental Advisory CG (PA)

Live Weather CG

Slide Show CG

Crawls and Rolls with custom dividers

Channel Brending with Playing Now, Next and Later

UDP DVB Streaming Output

 Newtek NDI IP output (send video through LAN)

Automatic playlist export to HTML with FTP upload

Automatic EPG creaton with FTP upload

EPG Editor (create custom EPG)

2 Outputs

Different video / audio formats on outputs 

Automatic Playlist with Advance Daily Scheduling

CG Scheduler

Block (Commercials) Scheduler

Matrix Control

SRT and RTP Streaming Output

Timeslots, Fileslots, Blockslots

Audio Delay, External Audio



One Time PaymeNT



One Time PaymeNT



One Time PaymeNT

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