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Choose from three different packages. Every one of them features unparalleled workflow smoothness and features to stay on top of your goals.

JB Playout Starter

Just Broadcast Starter is ideal for individuals and small TV stations, especially for those playing a lot of music videos (with advanced Music Titles automation) or playing movies and tv shows (with subtitles). It can also be great solution for Youtube channel streaming (or any other streaming service) to create your own Youtube TV.

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JB Playout Professional

Everything you need to produce professional-grade channel is right at your fingertips. Playlists with Scheduler control and advanced automation, powerful graphics (with Rolls and Crawls), channel branding with Now, Next and Promo features, as well as direct program promotion on your website or Facebook.

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JB Playout Trick

Take the full manual control over your files and commercials blocks, organized into Virtual folders. With many different playing types (play once, play till stop, loop part of the list), JB Trick is the best solution for you if you have live shows, reality shows, you are playing news or sports or just want to manually insert commercials.

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Complete channel-in-a-box solution
What you get in the package?
  • Single Channel Playout Server
  • One output per Playout
  • Automatic Playlist (Professional / Starter)
  • Manual Playlist (Trick)
  • CG Editor
  • Scheduler Client (Professional, Trick)
  • Commercial Client (Trick)
  • Windows Remote Application (use in LAN)
  • Web Remote Application (Internet and LAN access from any device)
  • One year full support

Premium stability

Enjoy the power and stability of our Playout servers. They are designed for optimum CPU utilization and will run many emergency options in the background to keep your channel running.

Multi-format playback

Real-time aspect ratio mechanism will enable you to play many different formats (MXF, MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, LXF, GXF, PRORES, DNXHD) with different resolutions and frame rates,  all that within a single playlist!

Auto or Manual

Use playlist in 2 modes: auto (Starter, Professional) or manual (Trick). Reorder your data and items on the fly. Insert files, Lives, URLs, and commands.

Brand your Channel with CG editor

Creating rich channel graphics with our integrated CG Editor, is as easy as it can get. Use PNG sequences, SWF files, Pictures, Crawls, Rolls, Time and Linked text. Create, Now, Next and Later templates.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

  • HDMI/SDI Black Magic Decklink or Intensity cards output and input
  • UDP or RTPM streaming output and input
  • Direct Show output
  • Newtek NDI IP output and input

Resolutions and Framerates

You will be able to choose from a vast amount of resolutions and frame rates, such as NTSC, PAL, 2K, 4K, 1080 50i, 1080 5994i, 1080 50p…

Media Asset Manager featuring File Watcher

Handle your files with style, register them to database, set properties, in/out spots, breaks, cuts, scale, interlace, transitions, data promotion… and use them forever.

Personal Assistant Support

Provides an improved user experience to help you avoid or solve issues. Get solutions and fast replies and choose the most convenient help option (1 year for free).

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